Alumni Verification

Provide access to over 238K pre-verified alumni users and enable new members of the alumni population to verify, all in a single transaction.

When to use this policy

Ideal for retail and eCommerce integrations that require validation that the user is affilited with a specific community.

Who is eligible?

Alumnus include anyone who has earned any degree from an accredited US College or University.

Essence of policy

Validated by on one (1) authoritative source OR one (1) piece of evidence:

  • Real Time Authoritative Source (e.g. National Student Clearinghouse)


  • Document Review

Verification flows

As of November 2023, has over 238K pre-verified Alumni users within our network. Pre-verified Alumni users can securely access offers, benefits, and services in seconds. New users can complete verification just as fast, using the least amount of information to generate a unique ping from an authoritative data source. Living true to’s core value of ‘No Identity Left Behind’, new users also have the option to upload their degree, diploma or final transcript to prove their Alumni status. Here you can find what the user verification experience looks like today:

Use cases

Here you can find example use cases:

In Cart/Checkout - Theory

Landing Page - Blue Apron