Resident Verification

Provide access to enable users to verify their resident status, all in a single transaction.

When to use this policy

Ideal for integrations that require validation that the user is lives within a specific region.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 18-years or older is eligible to be verified leveraging’s identity and residency verification solution.

Essence of policy

Identity verification based on one (1) strong piece of evidence:

  • Phone Verification


  • Document Authentication


  • Document Review

Verification flows

As of November 2023, has over 51 million pre-verified users within our network and our network is growing by the tens of thousands daily. Since takes a network approach, these pre-verified users can now securely access offers, benefits, and services in seconds with just 3-clicks. New users complete verification just as fast, using the least amount of information required to verify their age.

Use cases

Here you can find example use cases:

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