Multi-Factor Authentication

To bind proofed identities to credentials for initial and subsequent authentication, offers a state of the art Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) suite that is certified to NIST 800-63-3B Authenticator Assurance Level (AAL) 2. These authenticator options provide a high level of confidence (Assurance Level 2) that the same user who was proofed remains in control of their account and credential.'s MFA options play a crucial role in preventing fraud by adding a layer of security beyond just a username and password. offers several MFA options increasing accessibility for all demographics. For example, offers Call to Landline MFA for users without a cell phone and “unphishable” options such as a FIDO2 token the user carries with them on their keychain.

By doing so,'s MFA options, as highlighted below, reduce the risk of fraudulent access even if one factor, such as a password, is compromised.

When to use this policy

Ideal for integrations with an existing login that leverage multi-factor authentication.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with an account.

Authentication flows and MFA options

Here you can find what the Multi-Factor Authentication user experience looks like today:

Use cases

Here you can find example use cases:

Securing Account Access